Self Test 1


Your headwaiter has noticed that you are a good waiter. She has chosen you to work at a formal banquet.


Complete the following questions by writing the correct answers underneath

  1. What is a banquet?
  2. What is the main difference between a formal  and an informal banquet?



1. Banquets are special functions organized for professional, social or state occasions. Banqueting is the service for these functions and is different from the usual service offered in restaurant.

Traditionally, the guests sit at a large L-shaped, U-shaped or E-shaped table, but it also happens that round tables of 10-12 are used. Sometimes oblong tables of 16 or more are set up in a fish bone pattern, facing a head table.

2. The main different between informal and formal banquets from the waiting staff’s point of view is the style of service. Informal banquets involve plate service. Formal banquets involve silver service and most tasks are carried out at the ‘command’ of the supervisor. This means that all table attendants wait at their assigned positions for the sign to start serving, clearing etc.


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