Self Test 7



You are a waiter in the banqueting department of an international hotel. Your hotel caters for a large variety of events.



Complete the following questions by writing the correct answers underneath.


1.What is meeting?

2.What is a seminar?

3.State six items which may be placed on the tables for a meeting, as described in this topic.



  1. A meeting is a gathering of people where all members of the group participate in the conversation. A meeting can take from one to several hours and may involve up to 20 people. All participants sit around one table.
  2. 2.      A seminar is a gathering of people who attend a presentation or speech and May involve several hundred participants.

3. – Jugs with ice water, juice or mineral water on under – plates (no doilies) placed on the table.

– Water glasses should be placed near the jugs, upside down.

– Mints may be offered in small bowls.

– Writing pads

– Pens

– Information material





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