Self Test 6



You are a waiter at a wedding party.



1.List the thirteen points of the sequence of service and toasts, as discussed in this topic.



1. Order of service and toasts

– Receiving line

– Grace

– Filling of (champagne) glasses for the first toast

– Royal toast

– Commencement of the service of the meal

– Toast proposed to the bridal couple by the bride’s father or a close relative

– Response by the groom, who will thank the bride’s father for the speech and    propose a toast to the matron of honour and the bridesmaids: “on behalf of my wife and myself etc”.

– Response by the best man behalf of the bridesmaids

– Any other toasts

– Best man reads telegrams and congratulations

– Cutting of wedding cake

– Bridal waltz

– Bridal couple change into going away




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