Self Test 4


As a function waiter you must know how to prepare a room for a buffet function, and how to serve the food and beverage


Complete the following questions by writing the correct answer underneath

  1. What is a buffet?
  2. What is smorgasbord?
  3. What is a fork dish?
  4. What is a stand-up function?
  5. What is a sit-down function?
  6. State the seven key points for planning a buffet



1. A buffet is a function, where a selection of cold/ or hot food, prepare and presented to provide maximum appeal to the eye and the palate, is displayed on a long table for guests to help themselves. Often extensive and highly elaborate forms of decoration and presentation techniques are involved.

2. The word ‘Smorgasbord’ comes from the Swedish language and could be translated as ‘Sandwich table’. The main difference between buffets and smorgasbord is that the presentation of buffets is often more sophisticated and that smorgasbords traditionally have an emphasis on seafood

3. A fork dish is a hot or cold dish that can be eaten with only a fork.

4. There isn’t any chairs in the buffet

5.  There is some chairs in the buffet around the table.

6. 1. Buffet Tables

2. Theme

3. Impact

4. Zoning

5. Color Scheme

6. Decorations

7. The service procedure





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