Self Test 3


As a function waiter you can do the service procedure for formal banquet


Complete the following questions by writing the correct answers underneath

  1. Describe the twenty nine sequence service for formal banquet
  2. Describe the five typical menu would offer?



1. Service sequence for Formal Banquet :

  1. Seat guest, unfolding napkin
  2. Serve white wine
  3. Serve bread and butter
  4. Serve soup
  5. Top up white wine
  6. Clear soup
  7. Place entrée plates on table
  8. Serve entrée
  9. Serve sauce (If any)

10. Top up white wine

11. Clear entrée

12. Serve red wine

13. Place main course plates on table

14. Serve meat

15. Serve vegetables

16. Serve sauce

17. Top up red white

18. Clear main course plates

19. Clear side plates, side knives

20. Clear S&P, Butter dishes

21. Crumb table and position dessert cutlery

22. Place dessert plate on table

23. Serve dessert

24. Serve sauce (if any)

25. Clear dessert

26. Place coffee cups on table

27. Place sugar & milk on table

28. Serve petit fours

29. Serve coffee


2. A typical lunch or dinner menu would offer:

– Hors d’ oeuvre

– Soup

– Entre

– Sweet Dish

– Coffee





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